Oct 3, 2023 2 min read

How Do I Get Plausible Analytics running on my Ghost site?

How Do I Get Plausible Analytics running on my Ghost site?

In your Outpost Control Center, go to Integrations under the Account tab:

Screenshot of Account dropdown menu with Integrations circled

Once in Integrations, select Connect to Plausible:

Screenshot of Connect to Plausible button in Outpost

Almost there! Hit the copy button:

Screenshot of Plausible code injection

Go to your Ghost Dashboard, then head to Settings in the bottom left corner:

Screenshot of the Settings button circled on the Ghost dashboard

We're going to the Advanced section at the bottom, to Code Injection:

Screenshot of the Advanced section of Ghost settings, with Code Injection circled

In Code Injection, paste the code you copied from Outpost into the Site FOOTER:

Screenshot of Site Footer section of Code Injection in Ghost, with code pasted in

Almost done!! Don't forget to hit SAVE at the top of the page:

Screenshot of Code Injection in Ghost, with save button circled

Finally, view any page on your site to kickstart Plausible. Then you can go to your Outpost Control Center to see your Plausible dashboard:

Screenshot of the Outpost Control Center, zoomed in on the Analytics Dashboard button

If you run into any issues, please reach out to us at support@outpost.pub!

Go to the main documentation page. Or contact support@outpost.pub if you have questions.

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