Sep 26, 2023 2 min read

How do I change what my Intelligent CTA Buttons do?

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Outpost has Intelligent Call to Action Buttons, which are dynamic buttons that display differently (or not at all) to different levels of subscribers.

To customize your Call to Action (CTA) buttons, go to your Outpost Control Center (OCC) and click on Create Button:

Screenshot of Outpost Control Center, with Create Button circled

This will take you to the Button Wizard, where you can change the text of the buttons and what the buttons do for each level of users.

And the change is dynamic and universal so all buttons that are already on your post will update as well.

There are 4 variations of the CTA, which lets you customize how you deliver messages:

  1. Shows to all levels of readers (unknown, free, monthly, annual, complimentary)
  2. Shows messages to non-supporters, e.g. unknown and free; paid/complimentary see nothing
  3. Shows messages only to unknown readers
  4. Shows messages only to your paid and complimentary members

Screenshot of Outpost’s Button Wizard

The two bar-like menus on the left provide all your options:

Screenshot of Button Wizard with Intelligent CTA circled
Click the circled Intelligent CTA Button menu to see your options

After you click Intelligent CTA Button, you'll see your options to change the text and actions:

Your Intelligent CTA Button Wizard will automatically be for All Members (seen in the menu at the bottom). This is an easy way to get going to CTA buttons, and when you're more used to them you can play around with buttons aimed at Unknown, Paid, or Free Subscribers. The All Members option will cover all the Buttons listed!

You can get creative, here. For example, you can create set the CTA so Complimentary Subscribers see a prompt for them to send a gift subscription to someone else, or donate to help support you.

When you click on an action for a member group, you'll see the list of options for that level of user.

The settings for each level of user stay the same across button types. So if you decide that Free Subscribers should see a message to upgrade to Annual, that will be the message for them in all variations of the button that show them a message) (e.g. the All Members and Non-Supporters button).
Screenshot of Outpost’s Button Wizard, with CTA actions showing

You can also change what text the button displays, which will also change dynamically in all past posts.

Go to the main documentation page. Or contact if you have questions.

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