Sep 27, 2023 1 min read

How do I change the text of the Tip Jar Buttons on my Ghost site?

Astronaut with a tip jar in space

Go to your Outpost Control Center, and click Create Button:

Screenshot of Outpost Control Center with Create Button circled

This will take you to our button maker. Select Tip Button:

Screenshot of circled Tip Button in Outpost Button Maker

You can change the text of the Tip Jar buttons here. These will dynamically change in past posts to become your new text, but not in past emails since they've already been sent.

Likewise, the button that shows up in both posts and emails is not dynamic. That means that if you change the text here, you will need to update your snippet in the Ghost editor with the new code (or delete the old one and add a new one). The older buttons of this variety won't change dynamically.

Go to the main documentation page. Or contact if you have questions.

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