Privacy & Analytics

Astronaut in secure outpost looking at analytics


Our entire publishing system respects reader privacy and is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant.

Ghost is cookie-less for readers that are not logged in subscribers. Outpost's tech and the default services we integrate also respect user privacy and operate without tracking cookies.

You can read the full privacy policy here.

Data Portability

Your data is yours, including your website content, your communications with readers, your email lists, and your payment relationships.

You take these out of Outpost and Ghost at anytime if you want to use another system.

You can also stop using Outpost at any time and still be running your site on Ghost.


Outpost adds two separate analytics systems on top of what Ghost provides in its native dashboard.

One is similar to Google Analytics (without the tracking cookies), that gives feedback in real time.

The other is report-based, sending you daily, weekly, and monthly reports that give you the info you need to make smarter editorial decisions - like what older stories continue to perform very well and what stories are getting the most traffic from social channels and which are best in search.

We provide analytics that are useful, not just ones that make you feel good.

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