Sep 30, 2023 1 min read

What are Intelligent Calls to Action (CTA) Buttons for Ghost?

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What are Outpost's Intelligent CTA Buttons?

Our Intelligent Call to Action Buttons are simply a way to show the right message to the right level of reader - without annoying your paying subscribers.

You insert one code into your post, and Outpost delivers the right message to the right level of reader. This helps convert unknown readers to free subscribers, and free subscribers to paying subscribers - without annoying your paying readers with irrelevant messages.

For example, there is an Intelligent CTA that shows different messages to all 5 levels of readers. You place it in your post and then it shows up like this:


  • Unknown readers get prompted to subscribe to your free list
  • Free subscribers are asked to become a paying subscriber
  • Monthly subscribers see a message urging them to become annual subscribers
  • Annual subscribers see a message asking them to buy a gift subscription
  • Complimentary subscribers see a message asking them to give a tip

There are also versions that don't bug your paying subscribers at all.

For example in one variation, only Unknown and Free Subscribers see a CTA button in your post, while paying readers don't see anything and can read without interruption.

We recommend that sites put CTA that show to all readers at the top and bottom of posts, and then sprinkle the non-supporter version throughout the post. This maximizes the calls to become a paying subscriber, without annoying your paying readers.

The buttons are inserted in your post with two clicks. You can also change the button wording and action for each user level dynamically.

These buttons are post-only and do not show up at all in the newsletter.

Go to the main documentation page. Or contact if you have questions.

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