Plausible Analytics

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Outpost integrates Plausible Analytics (link to their site) into all of our clients sites to help them measure page views, track engagement, view traffic sources, and track goals. It's included in the price for every Outpost plan.

Plausible is a privacy-friendly replacement for Google Analytics, only they don’t report your data back to a billion-dollar company. They are an independent, successful small company, and their product is far simpler to use than the rather bloated Google Analytics.

Outpost uses its cooperative group buying power so you get Plausible at a deep discount - it's a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you signed up yourself. For instance, our intro plan costs $96 a year for a wide range of services, including Plausible, while Plausible starts at $90 annually for 10K pageviews.

That means on our intro plan, for $6 more a year than you would pay Plausible, you get a powerful autoresponder that helps you convert and retain users, a smart Tip Jar, and Outpost's reports.

On a pragmatic note, many people now block Google Analytics, which gives you a less-full picture of what’s actually happening on your site, while Plausible is blocked by far fewer people, as it is cookie-free.

Additionally, recent rulings in the EU found that Google Analytics is illegal, and its future is uncertain.

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