Welcome Flow Emails

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Outpost provides an intelligent Welcome Flow to all new subscribers. Paid subscribers get one set of emails, while free subscribers will get a set of drip emails encouraging them to become paid members with increasingly tempting discounts. You can track which discount offers pulled in more customers, which can help craft future flows.

Free Subscriber Welcome/Upsell Flow

When you get a new subscriber, make them feel welcome with an Autoresponder message welcoming them to your world. We recommend using these emails to share your story and mission, and links to your best posts.

Free members will get a set of drip emails, encouraging them to become paying members. In addition to sharing your story, we also recommend including discount offers in each email. If a free member signs up for a paid plan, the drip emails will stop. Members can also opt-out of getting these emails, without unsubscribing from your Ghost emails. Our Autoresponder will:

  • Welcome someone who signs up as a paid subscriber without starting as a free member
  • Welcome a new free subscriber to tell them more about you & encourage them to upgrade
  • Up to four more (five total) Welcome Flow emails, spread out over time to new free subscribers, encouraging them to become paying members

Paying Member Welcome Flow

Some members skip the part where they start as a free subscriber, which is great. So you should customize your messages to them. Outpost's Autoresponder will:

  • Thank a new member who went from being unknown to a paying member
  • Tell someone who is part of a Institutional or Group Subscription that they have been upgraded to Paid privileges

Paying Member Communications

Thanking your supporters goes a long ways towards keeping them. Don't take them for granted. You can customize the messages our Autoresponder sends when you:

  • Thank a Free member who upgraded to a Monthly or Annual paid plan
  • Thank a Monthly subscriber who upgraded to an Annual paid plan
  • Thank an Annual subscriber who renews for another year
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