Sep 8, 2022 1 min read

Outpost v1.30 (Voyager 1’s Mission to the Outer Planet Begins)

NASA’s Voyager 1 taking off to the outer planets
NASA Voyager 1 taking off

We're getting so very close to Outpost 2.0, which will be open to self-signup for Ghost publishers of all sizes.

We've been hard at work at lots of plumbing changes, and we added a whole new coat of paint. Now with this update live on production, we're just testing, and making final tweaks before we announce and release Version 2.0 to the world.

  • 🚀 Slight technical changes to make complimentary subscriptions work better with Ghost
  • 🚀 Built new on-boarding flow for Space Station users
  • 💻 Simplified connecting accounts to Plausible Analytics
  • 🎊 New look for Outpost Control Center
  • 🛸Substantial architectural changes to Autoresponder to make it simpler to edit templates and track how well each Autoresponder Action performs

To learn more about Outpost visit our homepage or just start your free, no credit-card-required 21-day Outpost free trial.

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