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Outpost supports all the tech we build and integrate, and offers custom support plans for clients that want Swiss-Army knife-style help, from DNS to marketing.
Astronaut working on a rocketship mid-flight

With our basic plan, Space Station, we're here to give advice and help you get started.

With the Luna plan or higher, we can also provide one-time help to move over your existing newsletter or site with a custom theme to Ghost, and additionally, provide support for all Luna features, including the tech we integrate.

If you want a more full relationship, with help customizing your theme or integrating new tech, have marketing strategy calls, or even help with your email (all around swiss army knife tech help) this is found in our Terraform Plan.

Clients can get help by writing us at support@outpost.pub. If you are interested in help moving your subscription-based site or newsletter from Substack/WordPress/Patreon or any other platform or if you want on-demand, all-around help with your Ghost site, drop us a note at info@outpost.pub.

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