Outpost has Intelligent Call to Action Buttons for Ghost

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Intelligent Upgrade Buttons

Outpost's Intelligent Upgrade Buttons are a great tool to persuade users to upgrade with the right call to action for the right level of reader. All you have to do is add one button, and Outpost will automatically determine which reader should see which message:

  • Unknown readers on your site get prompted to join your free list
  • Readers on your free list get prompted to upgrade to the paid version
  • Monthly subscribers are prompted to upgrade to an annual subscription
  • Annual subscribers are prompted to give a gift subscription or donate

These buttons come in two flavors. The first is one that you can put in multiple places in your post that only show up for unknown readers and free readers. No message whatsoever is shown to your paying members. This lets you convert non-paying readers without disturbing or annoying your paying subscribers.

The second version shows messages to all levels of readers. This is best used at either the top or the bottom of your posts so that you don't disturb the reading experience of the subscribers that support you, while providing an avenue for paying members to support you even further.

These buttons are easily added to posts using a pre-made snippet in Ghost. Even better, you can use our favorite secret Ghost feature to start every post or newsletter with these snippets built in. You can see these in action in this video below.

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