Feb 21, 2023 1 min read

Outpost 2.1.5 (Let’s Roll, Crew-6!)

Outpost 2.1.5 (Let’s Roll, Crew-6!)
The Crew-6 mission posing for a photo atop an emergency egress vehicle at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

A little bit of everything in this new version, including upgrades to notifications, reports, Tip Jars and Gift Subscriptions. We even fixed some typos.

Probably the biggest change is that Gift Subscriptions now live on your own site (if you are on the Luna plan), and you'll get more notifications from Outpost.

  • ✉️ Added new email notifications to you, e.g when people convert to paying via an Outpost Action email
  • 🎁 Moved the Gift Subscription page for Luna clients so it shows up on the client's own site at /gift-subscriptions/
  • 📭 Added some email notification settings
  • 📫 Fixed some bugs in the daily reports
  • 📊 Added new info to the reports, including what new subscribers converted from an Outpost Autoresponder
  • 🧧 Added new çontrols for the display of the Tip Jar page on Luna sites
  • 👷‍♀️ Some necessary backend stuff that's too boring to list here
  • 🅾️ Fixed some typos in the default Action templates (Thanks Missing Witches!)

To learn more about Outpost or to start your free, no credit-card required free trial, visit our homepage and click Get Started.

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Ryan Singel
Ryan Singel
Ryan Singel is the co-founder of Outpost. He's a former journalist for Wired, the co-founder of online recommendation company Contextly, and a Fellow at Stanford's Center for Internet and Society.
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