How to Add PayPal to your Outpost Tip Jar Using a Personal PayPal Account

Ghost makes it easy to accept tips and donations via PayPal on your Ghost site
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If you don't have a Business PayPal account, or can't get one, or are in the process of getting approved, you can still add PayPal as a donation option in your Tip Jar for Ghost. This lets people give you donations via PayPal, but it's not integrated the way that Business Accounts are.

We highly recommend applying for a free Business PayPal account if you can, as that account lets Outpost integrate PayPal donations. That means we can send thank you notes automatically, label members who give a donation in Ghost, keep track of your donations for you, and include info on them in our reports.

However, if you can't get that, you can use a Personal Account instead, though it's less elegant and not integrated into Outpost's systems.

Important note, if someone donates via your Personal Paypal account, you will get an email from Paypal, but you'll have to send the thank you note yourself. And Outpost can't include this info in Ghost or Outpost's reports.


  1. Start by logging into your personal PayPal account. Then go to
  2. Create a button. You can just accept the defaults, or you can add a logo, suggested donation levels, etc.
  3. When done, test your button url to make sure it looks how you like it.
  4. Copy the url.
  5. Add it to your account by going to, logging in, then go to Account -> Integrations.
  6. In the Paypal Personal option, add in your link, and hit SAVE. Your PayPal donation link will then be auto-added as an option in your Tip Jar.
  7. Test your new donation link by going to your Outpost donation link.

At any time, you can add a PayPal Business account to your Ghost donation system instead to take advantage of the greater integration, and our system will switch over to that seamlessly.

Here's a short video showing you how to create a Personal PayPal donation link.

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