How do I change the price of my Ghost Gift Subscription?

Astronaut with price tag

To change the price of Gift Subscriptions to your Ghost site, go to Default Plans under the Subscriptions tab in your Outpost Control Center:

Screenshot of Subscriptions menu, with Default Plans circled

In Default Plans, select the Gift Subscription box:

Screenshot of Default Plans menu with Gift Subscription circled

In that menu, select Create New Plan:

Screenshot of Create New Plan circled in plans menu

Because offers have been used already, you'll need to create a new Gift Subscription plan to be linked to the Give a Gift Subscription buttons:

Screenshot of Create New Plan menu

Name the new plan, select the Amount, and choose billing period (we recommend billing once a year). Once you've created your new plan, assign it to Gift Subscriptions in Default Plans:

Screenshot of Default Plans

Previous gift subscriptions are not affected by this change.

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