Grow Your Ghost Newsletter Audience with Outpost

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We strongly believe that Kevin Kelly was right that it’s possible to make a good living with 1,000 true fans.

Outpost is built to help independent writers, artist, news sites and more find, feed, and connect with their true fans and supporters.

We do that both by hooking you and your Ghost site up with great tech, saving you money on external services via bulk buying, and by charging a reasonable flat fee.

We help you grow your own newsletter with smart tech we build ourselves that augments the already great capabilities of Ghost, such as:

  • The Best Damn Autoresponder for Ghost which helps convert free subscribers to paid ones and retain paid ones – and saves you time by automating the business communication stuff.
  • Intelligent CTAs that show different messages to new readers, free registered readers, monthly subscribers, and annual subscribers.

Once readers are paying you, Outpost provides opportunities for your existing readers to support you further. A no-commission Tip Jar and gift subscriptions, FTW!

We also make it seamless to connect to other tech providers AND getting you bulk rate discounts on those services.

For instance, our base level includes a quick and easy integration with Plausible Analytics, a privacy-respecting replacement for Google Analytics. That helps you see what's working on your site, and what you should improve on. You get that AND all our other base services for less than the cost of Plausible Analytics on its own.

Publishers on our Luna plan also get wickedly smart internal content recommendations via Contextly, which uses machine learning smarts to help readers discover your best content, whether that's related, popular or evergreen. This service also comes at deep discount.

That's because Outpost isn't a venture capital-funded company looking to become worth a billion dollars and make rich people even richer. Instead, Outpost is a member services cooperative, which uses bulk-buying power to get and negotiate discounts for our member publishers.

Unlike nearly all the other subscription services out there, we charge a flat fee, just like Ghost (the underlying CMS for publishers using Outpost). We're not taking 12%, 10% or even 5% percent of your money (we're looking at you Substack, Patreon, Memberful and Pico). We don't do that because unlike each of those companies we don't have make to Wall Street or billionaire investors even richer.

We believe as a independent site, you should keep as much of your money as possible, while we, as a cooperative designed to build services for publishers, charge enough to build new features and maintain great software for you.

We do all that without any tech that locks you in to using us.

Our mission is to be the smarts that you pair with your Ghost site, allowing you to thrive on the best and most-open subscription-driven CMS.

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