Gift Subscriptions for Ghost

Glowing gifts in space

Sometimes a supporter will love your work so much they want to gift a subscription to someone they think will love you too. Outpost built features to support and manage gift subscriptions, including autoresponder messages to do the work of communication for you.

Screenshot of confirmation page after buying a gift subscription
Just the start of our automatic communication with your subscribers

You can set a gift subscription price, gift subscription renewal price for the person who gave the gift subscription, and special offer for people with gift subscriptions that expire. You can also let subscribers buy a gift subscription ahead of time, for a birthday or holiday, and have the gift subscription start on that day.

Screenshot of Outpost’s Gift Subscription page
Users can easily choose when they want subscription to start

Doing gift subscriptions on your own is very complicated and Outpost handles it all:

  • Thank you notes to the gift subscription buyer
  • Notifications when a scheduled gift subscription is sent
  • A comprehensive system for handling when gift subscriptions are about to expire, including ways to let the gift giver give again, or to let the gift recipient to pay for their own extension.

This works seamelessly with Stripe, and both gift givers and gift receivers are labeled in Ghost. That way you can easily see all the people who have given gift subscriptions, and all the people that have been given gift subscriptions, and if you want you can write either group directly from Ghost.

Screenshot of Stripe payment page
Stripe makes it seamless! If their info is saved they won't even have to do this step
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