Failed Payment Retention Flow Emails

Reduce churn with Outpost's failed payment retention flow email system that alerts readers that their payment information has expired.
Astronaut remembering to update payment info

The Outpost Failed Payment Retention Flow emails are a powerful way to retain paying subscribers, many of whom do not know their subscription lapsed because of a failed payment.

In other words, when one of your Ghost subscribers doesn't renew because their credit card expired, Outpost will do the work for you to get them to update their credit card.

This is probably the single most powerful thing you can do to reduce churn on your paid memberships.

The system works by extending the subscription period slightly for paying subscribers whose payment method couldn’t be charged at renewal time and then sending them a set of emails asking them to update their card/payment method.

Failed payments can happen for many reasons including that the card on file expired, the card was canceled, or the payment was rejected for other reasons including a low balance on a debit card or gift card.

This flow sends up to 5 emails over a period of time, typically a week, asking the subscriber to update their payment method.

If they update their card, the flow stops and their account is put back in normal standing. If the subscriber doesn’t update their card, the subscriber’s subscription is ended.

This flow works differently from our other Autoresponder flows: in this case, you simply set the duration of the flow (e.g. 5 days, 7 days, 10 days), and Outpost will automatically space out the emails over that time. Like all Autoresponder emails, these are fully customizable or the templates can be used without further editing.

Your daily Outpost Report will provide retention information and report back on how well this feature is working.

To learn more about Outpost, visit our homepage, drop us a note at or just start your free, no credit-card-required 21-day free trial of Outpost.

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