Custom Ghost Theme Development

Astronaut creating a glowing galaxy in space

For organizations looking to have complete control over the look and feel of their website, Outpost can help you build a completely or partially customized pixel-perfect theme. We can do that either from sketches and descriptions, or a fully specced Figma file. We work with the best Ghost designers, who know how to create innovative features in Ghost, and translate your needs into a fast, responsive theme.

We can also create themes that work across multiple newsletters, in ways that let you use the same base theme across all sites, while still customizing each individual newsletter. This allows you to iterate and add new features to the theme, without having to make changes to each individual theme.

For instance, the theme that we built for The Atlantic Subscriber Newsletters supports nine newsletters, all matching The Atlantic's general design. All nine newsletters use the same theme, so that an update on all is as simple as a single GitHub pull request.

If you have ideas or specific requirements, please drop us a note at

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