Custom Feature Development for Ghost

Octopus scientist hard at work building new custom features

Outpost has a long list of features that it wants to add to help make running a subcription newsletter site as powerful and as simple as possible. We have a near-term and long-term road map of features and integrations that we will build.

Sometimes, sites need a feature sooner than we had planned to build it. If there's a must-have feature a client has that fits with our road map, we work with sites to prioritize that work. We then build those features for the client on a discounted basis, and then usually make those features available to everyone shortly thereafter.

Also, depending upon the specifcs of your Terraform plan, sites may have a dedicated number of engineering and design hours per month that can be used to build custom features and integrations. With that kind of plan, you have certainty that you can continually improve your site, and try innovative ways to serve and build your audience at the fraction of the cost of a traditional agency contract.

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