How do I create new Group Subscription offers?

Group of astronauts in space

Login to your Outpost Control Center at

Under the Subscriptions menu, select Group Subscriptions:

Screenshot of Subscriptions menu with Group Subscriptions circled

To get started, select Add New on the right:

Group Subscriptions page with Add New circled

Then select Create New Group Subscription Offer. We don't recommend adding a benefit to a tier unless you're sure you want it to be permanent, as it's very hard to undo and it applies to everyone on that tier, present and future.

Create New Group Subscription circled

Select Create Offer:

Create New Subscription Offer Button

Name the offer, select the membership tier desired, and create a headline to display.

You can use the regular price, or create your own for the offer. The price can be higher than the usual.

Remember to add in the number of inviations to the user buying it for the total, for example 4 total for a "Buy 1, Get 3 Invitations" offer.

Create New Offer form

If successful, you'll see the following message:

Group Subscription success notice
Great! You’ve successfully signed up.
Welcome back! You've successfully signed in.
You've successfully subscribed to Outpost.
Your link has expired.
Success! Check your email for magic link to sign-in.
Success! Your billing info has been updated.
Your billing was not updated.